On the tracks of Carthage




Heir to Carthage, at the crossroads of all the civilisations of the Mediterranean, Tunisia bears the imprint of 3000 years of history, marked by the greatest Mediterranean civilisations. Like all the great ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean basin, Tunisia of the Punic era begins with a legend. In 814 B.C., emigrated from present-day Lebanon, Princess Elissa touches Earth at the bottom of the Gulf of Tunis. Freshly greeted by the Berber tribes who populate the country, she sees herself as Dido or the Wanderer, and only gets the right to occupy the territory contained by an ox-skin.

Number of participants: Minimum 5 campers / Maximum: 10 campers

Journey time: 20 days         Route in Km: 2350

General Information:


  • 1 person plus camper: € 1360
  • 2 persons plus camper: € 2040
  • 3rd Adult on board: € 610 / Adult
  • Child on board: € 260 / Child
  • The boat crossing Civitavecchia / La Goulette / Civitavecchia
  • Place of departure: Port Civitavecchia - Italy
  • Place of return: Port Civitavecchia - Italy
  • Overnight stays in the ferry3 (in a private internal cabin per crew)
  • Overnight stay in the camper: 16 with supply according to possibility of water & electricity
  • Guided tours: Guides (national or local) & Assistant team throughout the circuit
  • Included in the rate, all entrances and visits of sites and museums according to the program
  • Meals in charge: 4 (Dinner in Djerba - Lunch in Ksar Ghilane - Dinner speciality fish in Monastir - Lunch in Grand Tunis)
  • Various excursions: 3 (Dromedary in Ksar Ghilane - 4WD to Oung Jemal and Nefta - Bus to grand Tunis)
  • The provision of the camper
  • Fuel, tolls, parking lots
  • Benefits not mentioned in the programme
  • Beverages, gratuities and personal expenses
  • Expenses related to the presence of your pet during the trip
  • Boarding from Civitavecchia at 17:30 (GRIMALDI boat)
  • Boarding from La Goulette at 23:00 (GNV boat)



Day 1: Civitavecchia

Arrival at the port of Civitavecchia 3 hours before departure. Bording at 17:30 (GRIMALDI Boat).

Night in a private internal cabin per crew.


Day 2: La Goulette - Nabeul     Km 80

Landing in the port of La Goulette at 14:00. Customs formalities and departure for our campsite in Nabeul.

Welcome dinner will be offered. Night by camper in Nabeul.


Day 3: Nabeul - Ellouza     Km 220

Guided tour to El Jem. Night by camper at Ellouza.


Day 4: Ellouza - Matmata     Km 240

Guided tour in Matmata. Night by camper in Matmata.


Day 5: Matmata - Djerba     Km 170

Guided tours in Toujane and La Ghriba Djerba.

Dinner offered in Djerba (in December, New Year's Eve dinner).

Night by camper in Djerba.


Day 6: Djerba     Km 0

A free day. Night by camper in Djerba.


Day 7: Djerba     Km 80

Guided tours in Djerba.

Night by camper in Djerba.


Day 8: Djerba - Tataouine     Km 200

Guided tour in Ksar Ouled Soltane. Night by camper in Tataouine.


Day 9: Tataouine - Ksar Ghilane     Km 200

Guided tours of Ksar Ouled DebbabChenini and Douiret.

Night by camper in Ksar Ghilane.


Day 10: Ksar Ghilane     Km 0

A ride in dromedary to Ksar Ghilane. Lunch offered.

Night by camper in Ksar Ghilane.


Day 11: Ksar Ghilane - Tozeur     Km 270

Passage on the road of Chott Djerid. Night by camper in Ksar Ghilane.


Day 12: Tameghza - Chebika - Mides     Km 140

Guided tours to Tameghza, Chebika and Mides. Night by camper in Tozeur.


Day 13: Oung Jemal - Nefta - Tozeur     Km 100

Half-day guided tours in 4WD at Nefta and Oung Jemal.

In the afternoon, guided tour of the Dar Chrait Museum in Tozeur. Night by camper in Tozeur.


Day 14: Tozeur     Km 0

Guided tour in Tozeur. Night by camper in Tozeur.


Day 15: Tozeur - Monastir     Km 430

Stage transfer to Monastir.

Dinner specialty seafood offered. Night by camper in Monastir.


Day 16: Monastir - Nabeul     Km 200

Guided tours in Monastir and Kairouan. Night by camper in Nabeul.


Day 17: Grand Tunis    Km 0

Guided tours by bus in Grand Tunis (Bardo Museum, Medina of Tunis, Carthage and Sidi Bou Said) with lunch.

Night by camper in Nabeul.


Day 18: Nabeul - La Goulette - Civitavecchia     Km 100

Guided tour to Yasmine Hammamet. Boarding in La Goulette at 23:00 (GNV Boat).

Night in a private internal cabin per crew.


Days 19 & 20: Sea crossing

Landing at the port of Civitavecchia at 08:00; and WELCOME BACK HOME.