About us

VTCC means

Experience Tunisia in Camping Car

VTCC is a structure that creates events and travels through Tunisia, its headquarters is at: Avenue Casablanca, n ° 5, 2084 Borj Cedria, Tunis.

Tel. 00216 54 959 139

Mail: vtcc.cipama@gmail.com

Internet:  www.vtcc.onweb.it


VTCC concretizes, throughout Tunisia, circuits for camper including particularly spectacular tourist events:

  • For visitors in the camping car, we offer tours of the Tunisian tourist attractions such as the historical events and other tourist treasures of the country but also itinerant stays which, in addition, make a wider share of contacts with people with ancestral traditions, special places and unique sources of images and fabulous memories.
  • We offer trips with dates and marked circuits, but our know-how allows us to offer you a "A la carte" service in which you can offer dates of beginning and end of stay, to choose from our directory of proposals the sites to remember according to your tastes and desires to know new sites linked to the universal history , to the nature, to the protection of the planet, to the preservation of threatened animal species, to use or not, camels, mules, 4x4, and more.
  • Our in-depth knowledge of the Tunisian, pre-historic and historical, geological and geographical environments allows us to design VIP circuits, for small groups, for very short durations, oriented towards unusual specificities.

What our circuits include

Our circuits include:
  • A team that accompanies and assists the Group 24 h/24 h
  • Civil Liability Insurance
  • A cell phone provides each vehicle to be contacted (if you don't drive in a convoy)
  • Souvenir Gifts
  • Sea crossing (Italy/Tunisia/Italy)
  • Nights in secure areas
  • The excursions provided for in each programme (bus, 4WD, animals, boat, etc.)
  • Some traditional meals from the country (depending on the program)
  • Pay visits and guided tours (national and local guides)
You have certainly noted our extreme flexibility, which, together with our technicality, allows the total satisfaction of our customers and friends.


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